Elements of POS architecture have a significant share in our production. Displays, stands and cardboard racks, functionally and aesthetically adapted to the product, significantly influence the purchasing decisions of customers. We design and manufacture high racks and shelf stands, from 130 to 180 cm. We have sets of tools for several standard sizes and styles, which allows us to reduce the overall cost of the order. We are also prepared to implement, in cooperation with the client, individual projects of stands of unusual sizes and shapes.

Depending on the needs, we can make displays from raw cardboard in a natural color, which fits perfectly into the ecological trend of packaging production, or we can use all kinds of refinements, such as printing, laminating with multi-colored prints, using foils and varnishes.

Counter displays manufactured by us allow you to display products in places easily accessible to customers and use all possible sales areas. Lodz and the Lodz region are the areas where we deliver the effects of our work free of charge.

As a manufacturer, we follow trends on the market of displays and advertising materials made of cardboard. The effects of our work can be seen both in Lodz and in other cities, in many stores of retail chains.

Not without significance for our potential customers should be the fact that the price of displays or stands made of cardboard is lower than that of materials such as metal or plastic. Cardboard is a 100% recyclable material, which facilitates the management of displays withdrawn from circulation and is in line with the recommendations of sustainable development.