Pudełka kartonowe, pudła do archiwizacji dokumentów i inne wyroby kartonowe

We are a manufacturer of a full selection of cardboard boxes. We have the ability to make boxes in a full range of dimensions. Depending on the function and planned load, we use different materials:

    • 3-layer cardboard in the form of F,E,B,C waves, with thicknesses from 1.2 to 3.5 mm and a range of grammages from 320g/m2 to 550g/m2

    • 5-layer cardboard, in the EB, BC wave system, with thicknesses from 4.5 to 7 mm and a range of grammages from 600g/m2 to 800g/m2

We make folding and shaped cardboard boxes. If necessary, we supplement the chamber of the boxes with inserts, spacers or fillings made of properly shaped cardboard, which allows to avoid shifting or damaging irregularly shaped objects during packaging and transport.

A significant part of our production are boxes for archiving. We make them from cardboard that meets the technological criteria for this type of packaging, in particular regarding the acid-free material. We have supplier certificates that guarantee that the materials used are alkaline, which will allow for long-term storage of documents in them.

The boxes for archiving documents produced by us are used by specialist archiving companies, bailiffs and law offices, accounting offices, etc. We have prepared models of boxes for archiving documents, which can be modularly assembled into functional, easy to assemble and disassemble cabinets.

We are a manufacturer of a whole range of other cardboard packaging adapted to specific applications. Examples are wrappers for shipping books, analog records and CDs.

We are also a manufacturer of braids for winding fabrics, ropes and strings. We successfully deliver this product to both the domestic and foreign markets. Lodz and the Lodz region are areas where, with appropriate expenditure, we provide free delivery of finished works.

We also offer folders for storing and carrying larger sheets of art, architectural or other works in formats from B3 to B1

3-layer cardboard

- flute F, thickness approx. 1.0 mm

- flute E, thickness approx. 1.5 mm

- flute B, thickness approx. 2.5–3 mm

- flute C, thickness approx. 3-4 mm

5-layer cardboard

- BC wave, thickness approx. 6-7 mm

- EB wave approx. 5 mm thick

The dimensions of a cardboard sheet (in mm) are determined according to the direction of the wave.

For example:

Specifying the size - 1000 x 700 (a x b) - informs us that the internal flute of the cardboard will run along the side with a length of 700.

However, specifying the size - 700 x 1000 (b x a) informs us that the internal flute of the cardboard will run along the side with a length of 1000.

Flap boxes

Packaging with a simple structure, usually closed with an adhesive tape. The flap box can be made in any dimensions according to individual customer needs.

Cardboard boxes-shaped packaging

A die-cut packaging can have any shape and construction.

– packaging that can be formed and closed without additional materials, e.g. tape, staples

– pre-glued packaging, delivered to the customer in a flat form.

Box sizes (in mm) – the size is specified in the following order: 

base length (a)
base width (b)
height (h)

For example, the term:


means a box with a base of 500 x 400 and a height of 300 mm.

Boxes/packaging made of acid-free cardboard, for archiving documents


Other - insoles, fillers, trusses, educational

Elements of the interior of the box to keep the product in the right arrangement, we design any shape and construction.

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